Ecoturf Midwest Inc.

For Ecoturf Midwest Inc. we designed a earth friendly staking solution including concept, branding, part design, mold design and production utilizing new technologies to take plastic and make it breakdown and biodegrade into all-natural byproducts. 


Ecoduty Stakes were created with contractors in mind. We provided drawings, mold designs, and molds for this impressive product designed to replace the unsafe metal stakes that current flood the market..


We produced two molds, a 4" and 6" size, and now produce this product for Ecoturf Midwest Inc. that has grown substantially into both commercial and retail markets. 


In 2016, we acquired the exclusive rights to manufacture and assembly the Staple Ease™ Driver. The tool will all be sourced and produced in our U.S. factory. It works with our Ecoduty biodegradable stakes as well as standard 11-gauge staples. We look forward to this tool become a staple item for contractors across the U.S.! Visit for videos and more information.



Ecoturf Retail 12-packs