We are the original inventors of the Bird-X plasic spikes.


Since 1995, we have produced thousands among thousands of product for Bird-X. After growing the brand into Home Depot, Amazon and Menards, we worked closely with Bird-X to refresh the design and enhance the product.


The biggest challange was to fit the new Spikes design into the existing packaging (right) that was already specified for the shelves in the retailers stores.


We provided a new design that delivered on price, features and availability. To fit the new design into the existing box size, we created a machine to pack the parts into the box all while maintaining the box integrity.


 We are now using a new mold that was produced here in the U.S. to continue to manufacture Bird-X around the clock. 


With Bird-X being a local company, we run in advance of their needs, and always have what they require-on time.


Bird-X products can be found in a variety of different retailers, click on the Bird-X logo to go to the website.