The HEFT began as a solution to its inventor's back problems. After many surgeries to help fix a back that was damaged when biking and hit by a drunk driver, Marco Longley became inspired - in large part because of his wife - to allow him to work outdoors in his garden and to shovel the large amounts of snow that hit Canada each winter. After years of development and multiple iterations, the HEFT came to be. Partnering with David Bernhardt to fine tune and polish the HEFT, Marco pitched his idea to Dragon's Den - the Canadian equivalent of the U.S. show Shark Tank. Fast forward a couple of years and 400,000 HEFTs being sold in Canada, Marco and his team were looking for a U.S. manufacturer to help them sell the HEFT into the states. 

In May 2016, GAIM met Marco, David and Anne  in Las Vegas at the National Hardware Show. After a year of discussions, development and new tooling creation, GAIM is proud to be the U.S. manufacturer and partner to the HEFT and its team. GAIM started production in 2017 with retailers in both the U.S. and also Canada with the latest and improved version of the HEFT for retail and commercial applications. We are excited to be a part of this innovative and helpful product as it is a solution for the many who experience back problems. You can learn more about the HEFT and its story here!

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