GAIM's success is tied into the success of our customers.

From Art to Part... and Beyond

Since 1989, GAIM not only has been thriving as a U.S. manufacturer, it has been building a network of experts to help navigate through the market, competition and challenges in bringing a new product to market. GAIM has valuable partnerships with quality companies and individuals to help clients get access to those who can help give the product an opportunity for success when it comes time to selling and making money.

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Over 30 years in Manufacturing and New Product Development

Production Ready

GAIM has helped countless people take a vision they have and worked with them to take the vision from art to part. GAIM focuses on understanding the client's needs, works with a team to help create part drawings and tooling, while taking care to make sure the vision, the prototype and the drawings are nurtured until a production-ready part or product is the end result.  We view ourselves as caretakers to the process, and work to minimize costs and risks, while maximizing efficiency and quality of the finished product. 



GAIM has vast experience in developing packaging for a variety of products for different types of markets and applications. GAIM functions as a consultant for customers and can offer services to help create a packaging solution - or connect you with any number of preferred vendors to develop quality packaging for your part or product. 


GAIM can assist with logo development and branding to help you craft your brand to match your vision that fits with your product. GAIM works with in-house and contract designers, and can offer a reasonably priced solution to get started. 

Retail and Amazon

GAIM has experience in preparing products for big box retail. GAIM sells both directly to big box retails as well as produces, packs and ships retail-ready products for a number of other clients. Understanding retailers' expectations, rules and compliance requirements, GAIM works with clients to help them navigate the challenges retail brings when selling into big box stores. 


GAIM also has a preferred Amazon seller who specializes in taking quality products and turning them into volume sale items on Amazon. Anyone can list on Amazon, but getting your products setup for success to be found and sold is a completely different challenge.  GAIM can help make your product Amazon-ready, ship directly into fulfillment centers and partner you up with an Amazon guru, who manages the sales, while you collect checks!

Extended Network Family

Since 1989, GAIM has developed a huge network of people who are experts in different fields, markets and industries. By treating them right and valuing what they bring to the table, they've become family. We work with our clients to identify their needs, and point connect them to our "expert". This allows our clients to have access to a quality resource to help with the success of their product. 

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