We work with our clients to deliver the most cost effective solution from concept to finished molded product.


We are manufacturing gurus, consultants, inventors & idea generators to steer our clients in the right direction.  


Injection molding quality parts and products since 1989


All with utilizing
100% recycled plastics and sourcing everything in the U.S.A.


GAIM Plastics services and manufactures for clients in Illinois, Wisconsin, Tennessee, California, Missouri, New York, Washington, Arizona and more! GAIM not only manufactures durable goods, it also performs secondary operations, packaging, assembly and fulfillment. We are a full service U.S. manufacturer helping clients achieve success. Contact GAIM today with your product idea or to produce your injection molded product at a great price and quality that is second to none.  Call today! (630)350-9500

A True Full Service Manufacturer for the Entire U.S.A.