Beyond the Part: GAIM offers a variety of secondary operations 

Sonic Welding:

We have multiple sonic welders available to be used on a number of different jobs and applications.  Our trained staff regularly welds a number of products for both large volume and smaller quantity jobs. 

Retail Ready:

GAIM has a vast number of products it manufacturers and performs all the steps needed to make it retail ready. From bagging, packing and labeling, to palletizing and complying with strict retail standards, GAIM can be a one-stop-shop for clients looking to sell into retail, saving time and reducing costs along the supply chain.  


Your Product. Your Vision. Completed.

GAIM offers a variety of other services beyond producing raw parts. This allows a potential savings in the cost chain when developing or creating a product. With international competition a huge factor, GAIM can help analyze your product to see if GAIM's secondary services can help drive down your cost, reduce your lead times, and assist your path to success.